Quality Demands

100 per cent quality - zero per cent argument

Even if this maxim does not originate from Siebenrock it is energetic lived by us. From the very first idea up to the finished product maximum quality always has first priority. Notwithstanding the fact, that our products for the classic 2-valve flat twin do not differ from the original BMW parts all of them are re-engineered and improved as to the state-of-the-art in production technology.

Be it luggage systems, technics, add-on pieces or accessories: all Siebenrock products are manufactured by european makers of reputation. More than 80 per cent are in fact "Made in Germany", a proof of quality  enduring just in these days. The best material available, first-class manufacturing and an optimum in functionality characterizes each item that is worth carrying the "Original Siebenrock Product" stamp.

As early as in the year 2000 we introduced a systematically organized quality management and underwent the complex DIN EN ISO 9001 certification to document our quality demands to the public. Our efforts for permant improvements of quality do exceed the needs of the standard requirements. The result: approx. 23.000 satisfied customers in 67 countries.

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