Methods of payment

You can choose out of the following methods of payment:

  • bank transfer (advance payment)
  • giro pay
  • direct debit (only on written orders, after the sending of the SEPA Direct Debit Scheme, with a German bank account)
  • cash on delivery (only within Germany; the appropriate valid dues are in your favor)
  • credit card (VISA and Mastercard)
  • Paypal

Customer information on the refund of value-added tax in case of export to third countries

The Value Added Tax Act (§4) plans tax exemptions on deliveries and benefits in special cases. The export shipment (§6) belongs to this referred to §4, sect.1, No.1.

A tax-free export shipment is existent in case the trader (Siebenrock GmbH) transports the item of delivery into the third country’s area (§6, sect. 1 No.2). In that case without any exceptions.

A tax-free export shipment is also existent in case the customer (client) transports the item of delivery into the third country’s area on his own (§6, sect. 1 No.2). Referred to §6, sect. 3, the following constriction is effective:
If it concerns an upgrade or supply item of a conveyor, the export only is tax-free in case the customer is a foreign trader and the concerning conveyor serves the customer’s company’s purposes.

A private person resident in the third country does not have any right to a refund of value-added tax according to the „self carried out“ export of motorcycle spare parts and accessories.

Allow us to send you the goods that you bought locally in our shop to your home. Then we are able to write the bill directly without value-added tax.


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